Alphabet Treasure Hunt. A great outdoor activity idea!

An Alphabet Adventure ... Virtual Book Club for Kids, July 2012

Alphabet Treasure Hunt - Find an item in the house for each letter of the alphabet. Lay out letter magnets to place items by.

Read It, Build It, Write It

Read It, Build It, Write It Sight Words - Also Includes an Editable Template

(Standard Identify various features in print) This has 30 pages of activities that you can work on sight words. This would be great with teaching students sight words or with the students that are struggling with sight words.

funky fingers. finger gym. fine motor skills.

Create your own mini washing line to develop pincer grip and finger/hand strength - placing pegs on washing line to hang clothes.

Threading beads challenge of the week

Threading beads- use larger numbers for key stage 1 to promote number and fine motor skills

Maths area with a variety of manipulatives.

Maths exploration good idea to have a board next to the area. i NEED a bookcase/shelving unit like this!

Shake the bottles, find the matching sounds. What do you think they could be?

ages Explore objects with various properties (e. Sort things by attribute or characteristic.

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