Rei Yuki

Collection by Annie Macmillan

Annie Macmillan
Rei Yuki Kaze no koe (Voice of the wind). Japanese Prints, 2d, Printing, Artists, Contemporary, My Favorite Things, Decor, Artist, Decorating

Nostalgy - The Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints

Rei Yuki Kaze no koe (Voice of the wind). 1972

Call of the Wind, Rei Yuki (Japan, Japan, Prints, Color woodblock print. Japanese Prints, Woodblock Print, Printmaking, Artists, Collections, Contemporary, Artist, Printing, Graphics

Call of the Wind

Call of the Wind, Rei Yuki (Japan, 1928-2003), Japan, 1968, Prints, Color woodblock print.

Yuki Rei, Le Chemin Qui Fuit | LACMA Collections Woodblock Print, Printmaking, Japanese, Mood, Collections, Abstract, Artwork, Running Away, Paths

Le Chemin Qui Fuit

Le Chemin Qui Fuit, Rei Yuki (Japan, 1928-2003), Japan, 1972, Prints, Color woodblock print.