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an old white house with columns on the front and side walls, sitting in a grassy yard
Villa Väinölä. Alvar Aalto, 1926
a yellow building with stairs leading up to it and trees in the yard behind it
asuintalo 1920 - Google-haku
an empty lobby with stairs and potted plants on the wall, next to a large arched window
Alvar Aalto: Worker's Club, 1924-25, Jyvaskyla, Finland.
there is a stairway leading up to the second floor
Workers Club
Workers Club by jmtp, via Flickr
two white flowers are sitting in front of the door to a building with blue and red trim
Mattias Tolvanen
Nordic Classicism of the 1920s, beatutiful portal of the house built in 1928, Torkkelinmäki, Kallio, Helsinki, Finland
the inside of a building with statues on the walls and columns in front of it
Altes Museum (Berlin)
Altes Museum (Berlin) Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Rotunda, Altes Museum, 1823-1830; Berlin; Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Interiors of public places bear the Empire Style; Corinthian order, Pantheon effect, coffered ceilings, niches, and statues. German Greek Revival, Biedermeir.
stairs leading up to the second floor in an old building with circular windows above them
Erik Gunnar Asplund
Erik Gunnar Asplund: City Library, Stockholm, 1918-28
black and white photograph of an old building in the snow
1920-luvun klassismi - Google-haku
an orange building with many windows and a clock tower
Nordic Classicism of the 1920s, red house built in 1926, Töölö, Helsinki, Finland
the entrance to a house with green walls and white arches on either side of the door
Villa Manner by Alvar Aalto 1920s.
a large building sitting on the side of a road next to a lush green field
Eduskuntatalo (parliament)
Eduskuntatalo (parliament)