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Top 5 Camel Crafts For Kids & Preschoolers

Does your kid admires the animal or you want him to become more familiar with it? Read on the camel crafts for kids & teach him more about the ship of the desert

12 Sons of Jacob Pics

There is a song sung to the tune of "Ten Little Indians" Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah.Joseph and Benjamin.

Hands On Bible Teacher: Twelve Sons of Jacob Visual Made from Gerber Puff Containers

We recently had a lesson about the 12 Sons of Jacob. I love teaching about Joseph and his brothers. The KIDDOS seem to get excited about.

Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Joseph in Egypt: Egyptian collar craft

This week in our journey through the story of Joseph, we& reached the part where Joseph interprets Pharaoh& dream and becomes an import.