Knitting Video Tutorials

If you want to learn how to knit or to learn new knitting stitches you will find some great video tutorials here for all levels of skill.
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Learn How To - Easy Arm Knitting - Scarf - and Finger Knitting (Arm Knit Inifinty Scarf Cowl) - YouTube

DIY Learn How To Easy Arm Knitting & Finger Knitting Knit Arms Fingers Inifinty Scarf Cowl Beginner, Show Your Crafts and DIY Projects.

How To - Finger Crochet ( this is a wonderful video of how to actually crochet with your fingers, not a crochet hook) !

How To 'Finger Crochet'::A wonderful video of how to actually crochet with your fingers, no crochet hook needed!

This video will provide step by step instruction on how to finger knit. Finger knitting is a bunch of fun if you've got a whole bunch of yearn and absolutely no needles.

How to Finger knit

Finger Knitting (aka Finger Weaving) My daughter learned this in her last girl scout program and has really loved it. Keeps her busy for awhile.

How to: Start a Finger Crochet Chain & Single Stitch - YouTube

How to Start a Finger Crochet Chain. This shows you how to start a chain, to turn your work and make a single stitch with just your fingers. No needles!

Finger Knitted Hat Tutorial Part 1 - knitting a hat

Finger Knitted Hat Tutorial Part 1 - decrease and increases (Make it shorter for a regular cap.

Beginner Finger Knitting Tutorial - great first tutorial - I made my first infinity scarf in half an hour.

Beginner Finger Knitting Tutorial - (It's more like looming to me. I would wrap the yarn or ribbon around the center of each finger to make the holes smaller. Also, try to keep your fingers close to each other.

Arm Knitting for Beginners video tutorial

Learn the basics of arm knitting and complete your own super-soft, chunky cowl in less than an hour! This video is ideal for beginners -- all you need to get. ok, maybe I can do this--pinning to check into when I have a minute to watch!