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We celebrate the eclectic wardrobe of Frida Kahlo. Visit here to choose your favourite look and post your picks @anothermagazine #favouritefrida…
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frida kahlo, mexican american artist portrait painting
Ten of 2018’s Most Unmissable Exhibitions
Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait with Red and Gold Dress, 1941
an old photo of a woman sitting in a chair
At Home With Frida Kahlo
At Home with Frida Kahlo
an old painting of a woman with a red shawl
Cheyenne Randalls' Tattooed Icons
Frida Kahlo with tattoos
a woman sitting on top of a boat in the water
Loves | AnOther
A drifting Frida Kahlo
an open book with drawings on it and some writing in front of the pages that have been altered to look like people's faces
The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait
The Diary of Frida Kahlo. See more here:
a woman with flowers in her hair standing next to a blue and pink wall wearing a red dress
Loves | AnOther
Frida in Pink
an old black and white photo of a woman holding a baseball bat
Loves | AnOther
Frida Kahlo in her garden at Coyoacán, 1952
an image of a woman surrounded by other women in the forest with flowers and plants
Loves | AnOther
Jean Paul Gaultier 'Tribute to Frida Kahlo' Ad, Spring 1998
Frida Kahlo Rucksack Harry Styles, Bags, Polyvore, Backpack Bags, Bag Obsession, Rucksack Bags, Backpack
Loves | AnOther
Frida Kahlo Rucksack
an image of a woman sitting on top of a yellow sign with pepsi in the background
Frida Kahlo's Wardrobe
Pakpoom SIlaphan, Frida on Double Pepsi courtesy of @Screamfineart #favouritefrida
a painting of a deer in the woods with an arrow on it's back
The Wounded Deer, Frida Kahlo, 1946 #favouritefrida
a woman holding a bird in her right hand and looking at it's face
Frida Kahlo at Casa Azul, Mexico City, 1951 #favouritefrida
frida kahlo quote with an image of a woman holding a bird on her shoulder
Frida Kahlo in a Tehuna costume, with her pet hawk, 1939 #favouritefrida
a black and white photo of a woman petting a small deer on the street
Frida Kahlo and her pet deer, Granizo, 1939 #favouritefrida
two women standing next to each other in front of a building with three small pigs
Frida Kahlo and her Itzcuintli dogs, c. 1944 #favouritefrida