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NAP- Britain: British Company Officer Regiment (King's Own Lancaster) by Bryan Fosten.

Major-General Sir James Kempt (1764-1854), unknown artist, 1824.   This is the man who took over the 5th Division when Picton was shot through the head at Waterloo.

Major-General (later General) Sir James Kempt GCB, Lieutenant-Governor Fort William and Colonel of the Regiment of Foot, 1820 (c). Oil on canvas by unknown artist, 1824


SOLDIERS- Courcelle: British dragoon kings guard, by Patrice Courcelle.

English light infantry (private, sergeant and officer). The shako badge and green plume indicate their status as 'Light Bobs'


British "heavy cavalry", the Royal Horse Guards, or Blues (top), and the Life Guards. All of the British heavy cavalry wore red except the Horse Guards, hence their nickname.