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Arina Shvirikasova
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Cranes and Sun 旭日双鶴図. Japanese. Edo period, latter half of the 18th century. Kano Tôshun Yoshinobu (Japanese, 1747–1797)

‘Cranes and Sun’ (latter half of century). Silk painting by Kano Tôshun Yoshinobu and text courtesy MFA Boston.

+++++++++++fromthefloatingworld:  Sun and Plum Branches, Shibata Zeshin

Sun and Plum Branches, Zeshin SHIBATA (Japanese, Edo period, Album leaf; lacquer on paper, x cm ©The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Kano Tsunenobu, Japanese (Kyoto 1636 - 1713) Title Rabbit, Wave and Full Moon

Kano Tsunenobu - Rabbit, Wave and Full Moon, Early Edo period Series/Book Title: Kano School Paintings (Kanoha gashû) Painting, Album Leaf


Utagawa HIROSHIGE A vertical diptych showing a multitude of cranes flying up from a cresting wave to a large red sun. In fact this diptych was used by an Edo publisher as end sheets to albums – usually sets of Hiroshige landscapes.