Martin Parr

The Luminous Abject, Martin Parr. This photo represents the typical summer holiday in Britain.

From heavy petting in Piccadilly Circus to horses out grabbing a bite in Windsor, here's an exclusive series of 1960s images by Tony Ray-Jones

Tony Ray-Jones: beauty queens and English scenes – in pictures

Who's next?

See Prince George's Adorable New Portrait Alongside Queen Elizabeth and Prince William

Four generations of UK's royal family in new photo for stamps to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday on April Left to right: Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince George, Prince William.

Martin Parr

Martin Parr capturing the typical girl wrong move. I love how he takes his passion for photography and gives a humorous twist to it. Something every girl can relate to. well centred and vibrant coloured photograph

Dutch photographer Ed Van Der Elsken

Dutch photographer Ed Van Der Elsken was part of the hipster, bohemian scene in Paris, when, in he published a ground-breaking photobook called Love on the Left Bank

Daido Moriyama has spent his life obsessively photographing the dirty stairwells, neon signs and salarymen of Tokyo in gritty black and white. Now, at 77, he’s exploding into glorious colour. Why?

Tokyo: the city that came out of the shadows

Daido Moriyama : Dog and Mesh tights, Diaporama de 291 phtographies noir et blanc, 25 min. Courtesy of the artist / Getsuyaosha Limited / Daido Moriyama Photo Foundation.

Gordon Parks: Segregation Story #photography #RaceIssues #Exhibitions

A segregation that was never black and white: Gordon Parks’s photographs of 50s Alabama

Untitled, Alabama, 1956 - Segregation Story, 1956 - Archive - The Gordon Parks Foundation

Umeko, from the series 'The Afronauts' (2012) Photo: CRISTINA DE MIDDEL

Cristina de Middel: The Afronauts

Cristina de Middel - Umeko, from the series 'The Afronauts'