Todays rangoli.

Todays rangoli.

sanjhi art

sanjhi art


Moon to Moon: Indian Painted Mud Walls



Puppets of Rajasthan, India

puppets of Rajasthan, India

Simple Kolam Designs

Kolam Designs - Pooja Room and Rangoli Designs

Himalayan Mercantile - Masks from Southern Nepal

Himalayan Mercantile - Masks from Southern Nepal This is an exceptional old…

Himalayan Mask

Garuda mask, North East Frontier, 17 th C., height 14 in. wood and horn with original stone pigments. The ancient Bon animist bird spirit, Khyung. Subsumed by later Buddhist imagery its shamanic connections are retained by its use of mountain goat horns.

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Ratham Rangoli Step 3

This page provides Bengali Alpana Designs with title Ratham Rangoli 16 for Hindu festivals.