Pull out drawers under tiny house floring for storage and insulation.   VW Transporter Farriers Floor Drawer System.

A new addition to our portfolio, a full aluminium floor drawer system fitted to this VW Transporter Van - the envy of all farriers.

Bill in Tahoe: 2002, VW Eurovan Camper, $38,000

Update: After weeks of listing and many potential buyers, we took the camper off the market.

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For more than 60 years, Volkswagen has allowed some very clever and talented engineers to transform its basic bus or van into its iconic Camper. For many, the VW van and its better outfitted Camper…

FUTURE TRAVEL? Alexandre Verdier designed this biodiesel hybrid camper with GPS-controlled solar panels.

If we had a camper like the Verdier Solar Powered Camper, we definitely would have embarked upon more road trips to beautiful National Parks and done it in eco-style Read more: Verdier’s Stylish Solar-Powered Eco Camper