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The East Yorkshire Landscape Why go on painting in Yorkshire? Is it possible to do anything new in the landscape genre? Most of the art world thinks it’s not worth doing anymore.

David Hockney

Artwork by David Hockney, Pretty Tulips, Made of Colour lithography on vellum paper

David Hockney Hotel L'Arbois, Sainte-Maxime 1968 (113 by 153 cm)

David Hockney Hotel L’Arbois, Sainte-Maxime, 1968

David Hockney

David Hockney, Green Grey & Blue Plant, 1986 Homemade print executed on an office Colour Copy Machine, edition of x cm x 27 in)

David Hockney

Original Observer photography: November 2014

Big names from the world of culture dominate this month’s gallery – including David Hockney, Debbie Harry and Noel Fielding – as we showcase the best Observer photography