Delun Anwen Harries

Delun Anwen Harries

Delun Anwen Harries
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who wants to hang out?


David Rodriguez, Jesse Howe, Richard Agala, and Loek Hennipman!

A tribute to the incredible male model Ben Bowers. I do not claim any of the photos to be my own.

cute boys with dogs >>>> I'm not sure which one is cuter...

Shane and Connie Boy and Dog "DOn't kill his dog " Arthur says. Blah blah Arthur had a dog when he was younger and he had been killed. Arthur know how painful it is to lose a friend so they beat Shane with in an ich of his life but they leave to dog be

God bless Abercrombie/Hollister models

You need a swimming lesson? Of course. Especially since I don't know how to swim. I need help!