mark horst “by the signs of this world no. 10” [second state] 72” x 48” acrylic

markhorststudio: “mark horst “by the signs of this world no. [second state] x acrylic ”

John Arthur Ligda

"A History of Everything In The Form of You" - John Arthur Ligda; San Francisco, CA {female nude fine art anatomy drawing}

Wilson Magwere by Colin Davidson

"Wilson Magwere" - Colin Davidson, oil on linen, 2012 (contemporary figurative artist).

Urban Sculpture by Antony Gormley

Crouching at 85 feet tall and weighing about 60 tons, Antony Gormley’s Exposure sculpture is rooted to ground in central Netherlands, reacting over time to the changing environment (via Giant.

Takami Horikoshi, by Colin Davidson. BP Portrait Award.

Colin Davidson - "Portrait of Takami Horikoshi" - oil on linen, 127 × 117 cm. Entry in BP Portrait Awards in the National Portrait Gallery in London until September.

Jenny Saville. I saw this in an exhibition in Oxford. Bloody incredible!

Meat Painting - Jenny Seville: The way she works using so much emotion and…

Another Hockney

Another Hockney

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