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Have you ever given a thought on how the windows of high rise buildings are cleaned? It’s a simple question as it is seriously not possible for a common man to clean the windows so high. Diy Home Cleaning, Cleaning Hacks, Window Cleaning Services, Abseiling, Gumtree South Africa, Buy And Sell Cars, High Rise Building, Professional Cleaning

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Learn we have shared our personal collection of cleaning tips and advice for DIY home cleaning enthusiasts.

Window Cleaners on The Empire State Building - You can see the original Penn Station in the background 35 seconds in :) New York Photos, Old Photos, Empire State Building, Lost Art, Window Cleaner, Vintage Photographs, American History, Documentaries, The Past

Window Cleaners on The Empire State Building (1938) | British Pathé

It is a 'paneful business' cleaning windows, especially when you are cleaning them hundreds of feet above the ground on New York City's Empire State Building...