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Ballet feet ( not all ballet dancers feet are like this but a lot are) Personally, my feet aren't like this but alot of ballet dancers feet are.

Do These 11 Things Every Time You Travel

Do These 11 Things Every Time You Travel Travel Tips for the next time you travel :: The ultimate travel bucket list

That's right. Don't you wish your girlfriend could dance like me?

I just thought this was funny. If I were to own a dance studio big enough for separate men and women bathrooms, I would have this picture for women hahaha.

LOL this is like the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dance or geek board. AH my inner geeky dancer is so happy right now! Edit: also this is by far my most popular pin so I would really appreciate it if u guys checked out my other pins too, thanks :)


Photos via: The Chriselle Factor In order to wear crop tops without feeling too exposed, play with your proportions and lengths. Instead of wearing one with low cut jeans, opt for high waisted jeans t

Boho Chic Style

🐚 Nothing says effortless cool summer style like crisp white against a golden tan. See style ideas on my summer board!