Clematis 'Love Jewelry'

Clematis 'Love Jewelry': mauve flowers with dark pink bars from late spring to early autumn. Well suited to training up a trellis, or can be grown in pots. Find out more: www. - My New Gardening Plan

お待たせしました、本日夜9時に新作9点をアップします。 今回はこちらの9点です。 シャクヤクやスプレーバラを使った優しげな色合いのリース。 ...

お待たせしました、本日夜9時に新作9点をアップします。 今回はこちらの9点です。 シャクヤクやスプレーバラを使った優しげな色合いのリース。 ...

Desert bloom in California. Xk

Desert bloom in California. a paradox: looking so touchable, even when you aren't.



Variegated geranium leaves! Love these!

Love these variegated Pelargoniums (geraniums).go well with black plants & flowers in the Garden

How to Decorate with Plants without a Green Thumb

How to Decorate with Plants without a Green Thumb

Not all of us were gifted with a green thumb. And beyond that, there are many of us in living circumstances that make it difficult to cultivate our dream indoor garden or even to keep a simple floral arrangement.

Scabiosa atropurpurea

Scabiosa atropurpurea, 'Fata Morgana' Seeds from Chiltern Seeds - Chiltern Seeds Secure Online Seed Catalogue and Shop

Michelle Armas painting and gorgeous vase of flowers. If I were a picture, I would be this one!

~~ De Colores / Colors ~~ Rose tea beautiful flower arrangement and painting in background! A beautiful flower arrangement - Husky Style!

<3 green flowers -- bells of Ireland note softer touches of lavender and pink in background

Moluccella laevis or Bells of Ireland - green flowers! The flowers of Moluccella laevis are a symbol of good luck.

the ghost orchid was discovered by jean jules linden in cuba in 1844, and the plant was discovered in the sub-tropical peninsula of florida about 50 years later. ghost orchid is flower of orchid community and this is very rare flower & the second most beautiful flower of world.

The American Ghost Orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii)! A native of swamps in Florida and Cuba, this flower is called the “ghost” orchid because its roots blend into the tree making the flower appear to.