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Mandarin Pumpkins: Now you have an excuse to put Halloween "pumpkins" all over your house. This healthy Halloween treat and snacks will keep your kids in the Halloween spirit without all the sugar. Find more easy and healthy Halloween treats here.

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A little spooky but oh-so yummy kiddies will love these Halloween RIP chocolate pots. Serves 6 Cooking time: 10 - 15 mins What You'll Need: For the chocolate pot: double cream dark plain chocolate (minimum cocoa solids) milk.

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Graveyard taco dip - a fun and easy recipe for Halloween! Decorate your favorite layered taco mix dip with these fun and spooky Halloween ideas. I use a great 7 layer dip for this.delish and it looks great!

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Freeze water in a surgical hand glove to make a creepy ice cube for Halloween Punch! This would be cool, as long as the creepy ice cube doesn't smell like a glove.

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These individually portioned Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups make for the perfect fall snack at a home, school, or a Halloween party! (Bake With Kids At School)

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Totally delicious, totally creepy Rice Crispy Treat Brainsare perfect for your Halloween or Mad Scientist get togethers. not sure what they used put pull apart twizzlers might work

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