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5 easy Halloween food ideas using things you already have - bananas (boo-nanas!), mandarin pumpkins, ghost eggs, cupcake spiders and Tim Tam…

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A little spooky but oh-so yummy kiddies will love these Halloween RIP chocolate pots. Serves 6 Cooking time: 10 - 15 mins What You'll Need: For the chocolate pot: double cream dark plain chocolate (minimum cocoa solids) milk.

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Graveyard taco dip - a fun and easy recipe for Halloween! Decorate your favorite layered taco mix dip with these fun and spooky Halloween ideas. I use a great 7 layer dip for this.delish and it looks great!

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Halloween creepy party punch, freeze water in a surgical glove for a scary ice cube. I've always liked this idea. You can also fill the glove with the punch so the ice doesn't water it down. Note: make sure NOT to use the powdered gloves.

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100 Halloween Recipes - Huge list of spooky, fun and unique Halloween recipes. Everything from Edible eyes and fingers to spider dip and candy corn milkshakes!

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Here's how to ensure your kid's lunch  is the envy of all the other kids in his class. Get the recipe at Welch's.

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These individually portioned Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups make for the perfect fall snack at a home, school, or a Halloween party!

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Snacking can be both healthy and fun with these festive, no-bake silly apple bites that are perfect for kids at your fall parties.

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Totally delicious, totally creepy Rice Crispy Treat Brainsare perfect for your Halloween or Mad Scientist get togethers. Awesome for gross out factor for older kids!

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