Because thing + glitter = better. Flipping someone off with Glitter on.Pretty an Priceless.

Barramundi fish scales

Fish Scale Textures - natural silver pearl surface pattern inspiration for…

silver ananas

instead of a disco ball in your classroom. how about a disco pineapple?


Christmas is coming and we're planning on going all silver to celebrate in glamour and style. Match with our silver Henry VIII rings to go over-the-top this season.


Sew a reusable metallic lunch bag. I 23 DIY Ways To Fake It Til You Make It I have this exact metallic faux leather.

all that glitters

if i were to do something cool on new years. id wear this on my eyes doing it! Metallic Olive/Gold Coarse Glitter All-Over Eye Makeup

foil bags

Make your own stylish leather lunch bag. can't decide if this is cute or completely lame.