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Why Some Teachers Have Smooth-Running Classrooms

Getting Ready for the Start of School, Part II: Why Some Teachers Have Smooth-Running Classrooms by Muriel Rand (teaching procedures)

End of Day Questions - able to identify what they didn't understand, what they need to work on, etc.

I had a class last semester that had exit questions. I really liked using that because it helped us think about what we had just learned that day. I would like to use the paddles as a generic way to do exit questions that are already made and set up.

Positive quotes about strength, and motivational

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Cultivating Connections: Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs

Educational infographic & Data If you are set on mastering assessment language, here are some tips and resource. Image Description If you are set on mast


Wake County Public School System Bloom's Taxonomy posters // Search terms: Higher order thinking skills, HOTS, higher level thinking…free printable posters!