Styling the Seasons

A monthly blog series by Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and Lots. Style and photograph a surface in your home each month to reflect the…
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an open notebook sitting on top of a table next to some paper and stickers
Styling the Seasons - July | The Vintage House That Could
pink and purple flowers are arranged around a card that says love is in the air
Hydrangea love. Styling the seasons. - Gathered Threads
Styling the Seasons - July | Gathered Threads
a glass box with lights in it sitting on a shelf next to a book and cacti
Styling The Seasons — July (plus a mini greenhouse from Rose & Grey)
Styling the Seasons - July | The Twinkle Diaries
a hat, camera, flowers and other items are laid out on a bed sheet
Styling the Seasons: July - Growing Spaces
Styling the Seasons - July | Growing Spaces
pink and white flowers sit in an old wooden box with scissors on the floor next to it
HomesOutline - Your Guide to Making the Most from Your Home
Styling the Seasons - July | We Made This Home
a tray with two cups and spoons on it, next to a cup holder
Styling The Seasons: July | The Lovely Drawer
Styling The Seasons - July | The Lovely Drawer
a white table topped with two baskets filled with fruit next to a potted plant
Styling Summer with Baskets
Styling the Seasons - July | Janice Issitt
three potted plants are sitting on a shelf
Styling the Seasons - July | Lotts and Lots
a white chair sitting in front of a window
Styling the Seasons | June
Styling the Seasons - June | Made by Molu
a vase filled with green flowers on top of a wooden table next to a plate
Styling the Seasons: June - Growing Spaces
styling the Seasons - June | Growing Spaces
a white bowl filled with strawberries on top of a table
Getting ready for Wimbledon — The Ordinary Lovely
Styling the seasons - June | The Ordinary Lovely
purple flowers are in a white vase on a wooden table next to a blue wall
Styling The Seasons - June
Styling the Seasons - June | Under the Plum Blossom Tree
pink flowers are in a vase next to an amp sign and glass vase on a dresser
Tamsyn Morgans | Styling The Seasons - June
Styling The Seasons - June | The Villa on Mount Pleasant
a flower that is sitting in a vase
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Styling the Seasons - June | The Nice Nest
pink flowers on a white sheet next to a glass jar and knife with a spoon in it
Styling the Seasons. June. - Gathered Threads
Styling the Seasons - June | Gathered Threads