Rachel Whiteread ~ Long Eyes "…revisits the subject of doors and begins a series of windows, using resin as her medium. She casts the front and back of each object and merges them to create an inverse of the original. The translucent nature of the resin imbues these pieces with a lightness which belies their mass, and Whiteread has chosen colors evocative of light in relation to the passage of time." ~ luhringaugustine.com

"The artist Rachel Whiteread creates elegant and poetic sculptures which explore architecture, space, absence and memory.

Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread, House House was filled with concrete, then the exterior was removed leaving what was once the negative space that had been the interior.

Rachel Whiteread Embankment, 2005 14,000 polyethylene boxes installed in the Tate Modern hall.

polyethylene boxes installed in the Tate Modern hall- Rachel Whiteread Embankment 2005

Rachel Whiteread, Monument on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, 2001

Rachel Whiteread - Monument - 2001 -Trafalgar Square, London, UK, until May x 510 x 250 mm)

House, Rachel Whiteread 1993

House, Rachel Whiteread 1993 - side view showing fireplaces and walls

Rachel Whiteread

Double Doors II (A+B), Plasticized plaster with interior aluminum framework, two panels

One Hundred Spaces (1997)  One Hundred Spaces is a series of resin casts of the space underneath chairs.

Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread Untitled (One Hundred Spaces) 1995 Resin units) Dimensions variable (detail) Exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery

RachelWhiteread1992.png (551×764)

Rachel Whiteread House Study (Grove Road) 1992 Correction fluid, pencil and watercolour on colour photocopy x 42 cm Courtesy the artist and Gagosian, London

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