The Valley Stalheim (2002) | David Hockney | Watercolour on paper (6 sheets) 183 x 91.5 cm |

The Valley Stalheim by David Hockney, Watercolour on paper

David Hockney - Malibu 1993

David Hockney - Malibu 1993 coming from the north, this is how you enter the LA area and into LAX

I love David Hockney and I thought you might like this on of his...., Red Pots In The Garden, 2000 #art #david_hockney

artmastered: “ David Hockney, Red Pots in the Garden, oil on canvas, x 193 cm, unknown collection.

"The Road Across the Wolds" by David Hockney

The Road across the Wolds, 1997 by David Hockney. This bright, vivid print depicts the rolling countryside of Hockney’s beloved Yorkshire as it part of a larger series of painting he did of the area.

David Hockney Garrowby Hill in Yorkshire - another print I have.

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