dip dab retro sweets

Dib Dabs - I remember Granny Bet buying us these all the time!

Barratt Milk Teeth Sweets - Buy Online @ The No.1 Sweet Shop

Barratt Milk Teeth Sweets - Buy Online @ The Sweet Shop - Retro Sweets

candy letters retro sweets

My mum used to work at the factory (Dickson Orde and Co.) where they made these sweets, they were small candy letters of the alphabet.

Glad there are so many retro sweet shops online

Sherbet fountain - the liquorice straw would always get blocked up. You had to lick the tip of the liquorice to dip into the sherbet! I loved these things :-)

Pineapple Chunks by Quality Sweets | Retro Sweets

Quality Sweets Pineapple ChunksQuality Hard boiled chunks of Pineapple sprinkled with a sugar coating.An old fashioned favourite, made in the UK, the way pineapple chunks should taste, unwrapped right out of the jar.

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