Red Dwarf

If you ever get to see Red Dwarf, watch for an episode called Backwards World! We laughed so hard! Be warned, It is very off-color.

Red Dwarf

Sleeping pocket - Like the utilitarian vibe here lister-rimmer-bunk-mates-red-dwarf.

New Red Dwarf

First photo: New Red Dwarf

Smegheads of the world unite for the new comedy scifi TV series that is. Red Dwarf X.

chris barrie

My face when someone says they haven't watched Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf. Arnold Rimmer in particular.

This is the full script for Red Dwarf Seris 1 Episode 6 - Me². If you thought that one Rimmer was enough, wait until there are

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf crew on the Rimmer Experience, basically Rimmer's narcissistic perspective of himself and the crew!


Rimmer accesses Holly and asks "To BE? THAT is the Question". It's a very funny moment from Red Dwarf!