raderschallpartner ag-MFO-Park - I could happily sit there all day Feauting plant (Ampelopsis veitchii)


Vertical park with climbing plants on steel frame. MFO Park, Oerlikon, Zurich, Switzerland by Burckhardt + Partner and Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten AG

Burle Marx - Banco Safra - Inspiração sempre

Burle Marx - Banco Safra - replacing the black paving with grass would soften this up and make it more inviting.

A Park House: Located in New MFO-Park in Zurich, Switzerland. Designed by architecture firm Burckhardt + Partner in collaboration with landscape architecture firm Raderschall. Posted on Garden Design by Carolyn Mullet FB page.

isometrics: New MFO Park, by Burckhardt + Partner in collaboration with Raderschall Landscape Architects. Photos courtesy of Burckhardt + Partner + Wikipedia.