Smoke (experiments on methods II)

Smoke (experiments on methods II) — Minimally Minimal. Original idea to incorporate paper into sculpture.

links back to some of the original photogram work I started off making, but it could be advanced onto pinhole photography instead of just making pictures in the dark room

The only ray of light from an apartment block on Tongil Street, Pyongyang, North Korea photograph by Hendrik Schwartz.

Donald Judd - Untitled, 1990 This is form, not illusion of form. The blocks are sticking out of the wall giving it width. There is also height as they go from the ground up.

I chose this photo because I found it interesting how this person used ordinary books to create a message through shadows. The pile of books looks like nothing, but the shadow creates a new visual that is cool to look at.

Um viajante precisava pagar sua estadia de uma semana (7 dias) em um hotel, sendo que só possuía uma barra de ouro para pagar. O dono do hotel fez um desafio ao viajante para que ele aceitasse o pagamento em ouro. A proposta foi a seguinte: “Aceito o pagamento em ouro. Porém, você terá que pagar uma diária de cada vez, e só poderá cortar a barra duas vezes”. Como o viajante deverá cortar a barra para fazer o pagamento?

"As your mind changes, your brain changes; and as your brain changes, your mind changes" Rick Hanson. How neuroplasticity can change your brain and life.

Fashion Week Highlights

Fashion’s Mood Board: 184 Designer Inspirations for Spring 2014 - The Cut. This was Helmut Lang's one shot inspiration. The chosen word inspiration was,"crisp"!

Fan Ho, nicknamed ‘the great master’, earned his fame as one Asia’s most beloved street photographers capturing Hong Kong in the and