Nikos Gyftakis. This is probably my face when Im irritated tbh. SUPER COOL!

WHO: Nikos Gyftakis WHAT: Self- portrait WHAT: oil paintings break down the shape of the face into contours, just like a map breaks down the lay of the land into simple lines.

Fish Face

Fish Face by Scott Rohlfs .but not this lovely design! Hanna Barbera & cartoons the.

Street Artist: Rems 182

Street Artist: Rems 182 Many of the street artists are better then a lot of well known ones . You can see a lot of living in them .

Mark Powell ... Bic Biro on 1920's Egyptian envelope .

Artist Mark Powell uses the backs of old envelopes as canvases for his ink drawings which are painstakingly drawn using a classic Bic ballpoint pen. More: Envelope Drawings by Mark Powell

Jason Sho Green

Jason Sho Green doodled portrait of Beat Takeshi ballpoint pen (mostly) on illustration board

Françoise Nielly | OLDSKULL.NET

Françoise Nielly

Here new photopaint of french artist Françoise Nielly. Enjoy Do you remember Photopaint by Françoise Nielly – Part 1 ?

Illustrations by Rustam QBic Salemgaraev

Illustrations by Rustam QBic Salemgaraev

Fantastic Line Illustrations by Rustam QBic Salemgaraev {male face portraits skull}, illustration, art,