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Hermione, Duchess of Leinster - lover of Lord Wemyss and considered one of the most beautiful women of the period.

Hermione Wilhelmina Fitzgerald (née Duncombe), Duchess of Leinster Society beauty; wife of Duke of Leinster; daughter of Earl of Feversham. This photo of the Duchess of Leinster probably dates to 1889 or so, based on the sleeves and vee waistline.

Cemetery symbols

equinoxparanormal: “A Graphic Guide to Cemetery Symbolism To convey the lives of the people buried beneath them, and the expectations for what comes after death, symbolism has long been part of tombstones. Below is our guide to some of the most.

Victorian cross-dressing

The story says: "Here is something different, a Victorian cross dressing couple." Truth: This is a Photoshopped photo, the heads were switched.

Cure of Hysteria

Vintage Vibrator Ad The first vibrators were developed for doctors to treat hysteria, and who could more quickly deliver the curative "hysterical paroxysm" (orgasm), after which the patient would feel very much improved for a time.