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Functional Under Stairs Pull Out Drawers - Full Video on YouTube 👇🏾
DIY Functional Under Stairs Storage Project using pull out drawers and heavy duty undermount slides. Check out our YouTube channel for all the project details.
the stairs in this house are made of wood and have white plastic boxes on them
a bookshelf under the stairs in a home
Home decor \Under Stair Dog House - Home decor \Under Stair Dog House for modern houses
#diy #homdecor #renovation
an open closet under the stairs in a home
110 Ways to Turn Your Staircase Into Something Remarkable
a living room filled with lots of furniture and pictures on the wall next to stairs
DIY Stairs Renovation
#stairsmakeover #makeover #diy
some shelves under the stairs with pictures on them
an empty living room with white bookcases and stairs
a white chair sitting under a stair case next to a desk and bookshelf