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Hannah Hoch, 1940 ( dada collage)  Such a big fan of Hannah - she really revolutionised the collage as a medium and created some really interesting imagery and social commentary in her work

Hannah Höch Gotha - 1978 Berlin, Germany)At Nile II, 1940 Collage / Embodied

Magic Transistor

Magic Transistor

Fashion Show, 1925-35 (detail) by Hannah Höch

The Best Of Hannah Hoch, Art’s First Punk

Hannah Höch 'Fashion Show'.

Cut with the Kitchen Knife through the First Epoch fo thte Weimar Beer-Belly Culture.  collage

Dada Art, by Hannah Hoch Cut With the Kitchen Knife Dada Through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany

hannah hoch

Hannah Hoch - untitled 1930 (from the Ethnographic Museum series)

Hannah Höch: Das schöne Mädchen (The Beautiful Girl), 1920

Hannah Hoch – The Beautiful Girl – 1920

Hannah Höch Das schöne Mädchen [The Beautiful Girl], 1920 Collage

Hannah Hoch - English Dancer, 1928

"English Dancer" by Hannah Hoch, 1928

On the Way to Seventh Heaven, 1934 by Hannah Höch *   from Venetian Red   :: hannah hoch - one of my collage masters ::

On the Way to Seventh Heaven, 1934 by Hannah Höch * from Venetian Red :: hannah hoch - one of my collage masters ::