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Portable Labyrinths -- Tree labyrinth on sailcloth

Portable Labyrinths -- Tree labyrinth on sailcloth - consider Ba Gua version

vertical gardening.

wallacegardens:: It’s called the Skyscraper Vertical Garden, and it is perfect for growing cucumbers, tomatoes, pole beans, and other climbing vegetables where space is limited. Made from Western red cedar….this is so cool with the squash hanging about

Creating a bee-friendly garden means more than just planting flowers. You certainly want to attract them with gorgeous blooms, but while they are in your garden you will want to give them a place to drink: a bee bath.  #bee #garden

Do you have fruit trees that used to fruit well but are no longer producing much or any fruit? Perhaps your vegetable garden isn’t as lush as it once was, with fewer vegetables or smaller, misshapen ones.

garden and plants - how to propagate succulents from leaves

//garden and plants - how to propagate succulents from leaves Importante. No cubras con tierra las hojas de suculentas pues se pudren.

PLANTS THAT KEEP BUGS AWAY                                                                                                                                                     More

Not only do these plants keep bugs away, but many are herbs and helpful ingredients in essential oils- meaning many of these plants can be used to improve your health

Italian designer, Gabriele Diamanti develops a simple and reproducable design for a solar powered water filter made from terracotta, anodized zinc,  and recycled plastic.

Designer Gabriele Diamanti has started an open-source project to tackle the problem of water desalination. Using solar energy, the Eliodomestico turns salty water into fresh drinking water.