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Digital Illustrations by Stanley Lau fantasy digital art. The Super Friends have been assembled. Now, its time for the gorgeous, yummy, elegant Amazons to assemble...

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Harley Quinn

Sum about Harley Quinn dat drive's me crazy Suicide Squad Harley Quinn by Victor Vaz

Spiderman. I hate spiders. But Peter Parker has always been my favorite superhero because I can see someone actually having their DNA introduced to a spiders, and be genetically changed into a man that swings on thread.

I chose Spider-Man as one of my fav heroes, only because Disney just bought Marvel so it totally counts! But spider man is awesome!

DC Superhero Series: Batman by Steven Toang Wei Shang

DC Superheroes Series: Batman by Steven Toang Wei Shang

Game of Thrones - A Song of Fire and Ice Print

Game of Thrones by Mark Hammermeister, via Behance. “Will you make a song for him?” “He has a song. He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire.