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Air Guitar - Parody Advert

Order your Air guitar, whilst stocks last. Want to know how to play Air Guitar? A Parody advert for this.

Ruminate with a Mate- How old is Old?

When a 95 year old can get a running world record, does it really matter what age you are? We talk about it this week. Here are some Links.

101 uses for Duct Tape - Parody Ad

The uses for Duct tape are endless. Slippers to self waxing, we use duct tape for all sorts of unique ways, this mock advert lists a few. Watch this Parody a.

Justin Bieber Interview 2015 - Boracic Films

The Justin Bieber Interview We talk to Justin Bieber via live telephone link.

My own child made me feel so stupid.

My own child made me feel so stupid.