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X FILES - A David Duchovny PARODY SONG

An X files song to show David Duchovny is back. Our song is our parody tribute to X-files and especially to David Duchovny. So if your an X files .

Air Guitar - Parody Advert

Order your Air guitar, whilst stocks last. Want to know how to play Air Guitar? A Parody advert for this.

Easter Bunny Rap - Boracic Films

An Epic Easter Bunny Rap. He delivers Easter eggs, and an Easter bunny song. We think the Easter bunny is a great rap artist, or at least we do unless he for.

Ruminate with a Mate- How old is Old?

When a 95 year old can get a running world record, does it really matter what age you are? We talk about it this week. Here are some Links.

101 uses for Duct Tape - Parody Ad

The uses for Duct tape are endless. Slippers to self waxing, we use duct tape for all sorts of unique ways, this mock advert lists a few. Watch this Parody a.

Justin Bieber Interview 2015 - Boracic Films

The Justin Bieber Interview We talk to Justin Bieber via live telephone link.