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a drawing of a naked woman sitting on the ground holding a tennis racket in her hands
with original energy
a drawing of a man with no shirt on
sueño con...
three drawings of men sitting and standing in different positions
Michelangelo Drawing
a drawing of a man laying on his back
a drawing of a man's leg and head with other drawings in the background
Studi della figura - Michelangelo Buonarroti
an image of some drawings on paper with no one in it's place to write
Michelangelo Drawings at Teylers Museum, Haarlem
a drawing of a man with his hands on his knees and one arm behind him
Michelangelo: Mind of the Master
a black and white drawing of a man in the air
Study of figure to "Battle of Cascina", 1505 - Michelangelo - WikiArt.org
a black and white drawing of a naked man
Study to "Pieta", c.1520 - Michelangelo - WikiArt.org
two drawings of hands and torsos by remb van dereuck, c 1560
Studies for "Pieta" or "The Last Judgement", c.1530 - Michelangelo - WikiArt.org