View Master

Oh yes, my viewmaster -- LOVED IT! I actually still have my viewmaster and many of my original reels. One of the few things I have from my childhood. Comment if you had a viewmaster too!

Spirograph !!!

spirograph, toys My mom had this set and let me use it when I was a kid. I thought it was the most awesome thing ever and could play with it for hours!


TV - Playschool - Little Ted, Jemima, Humpty, Big Ted and Hamble.


I was so excited to get my Sindy.she arrived just like this.I don't have the box sadly. (Brunette Sindy in Weekenders

Barbie - not again !!!

What happens when Barbie goes postal

Mariel Clayton created a morbid series of photos featuring Barbi dolls doing some very bad things. via design boom photos by Mariel Clayton

Action Men Ready For Action

My 2 nephews played with GI Joe's. My little nephew had a GI Joe with a Ken doll head, so he named it John. John died and we had a funeral for him in the back yard. We never recovered him because we forgot where we buried him.

Vision On

Vision On was ostensibly a programme for children with learning difficulties but we all loved it - let's go to the gallery morph

A favorite Ladybird Book

I had this book and remember the 'old woman who lived in a shoe' craft (Paint an old boot)


toys of the - These were so simple and so fun and so noisy. OMG, I wanted these so badly, but my mom wouldn't get them for me because "they were dangerous".

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