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Intriguing portraits and photo manipulations by Anemites


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henry-hargreaves scanner photography

This work is from a beauty/jewelry series shot entirely on a scanner. THE CREW: Scanner: Henry Hargreaves Model: Talita at RED Makeup: Jenny Smith at Nars Cosmetics Hair: Joseph DiMaggio Stylist: Haley Loewenthal

30 Wonderful Examples of Scanography

Scanography is the process of capturing photos of objects using a scanner. Here are a collection of 30 wonderful examples of scanography for your inspiration.

SCANOGRAMS - Missy Rosa | Graphic Designer

- This is the second scanogram with the water added to the composition. I found this one appealing for the same reason.

Cara Barer - Book Sculptures

Cara Barer’s book project has a lot to do with chance and experimentation. A random encounter with an old phone book was t.

Jan O'Highway- scanography - scannography - ScanArt - Scanner Art

IT An experimental project which considers digital scanning as an alternative to photography