Typographic New York City map

NYC Typographic map -- wish I could find one of these for Manchester, UK.

Rupert Van Wyk, 2011

I love the abstract of the people in the foreground versus the detailed Big Ben behind - this explores the relationship between the people and places again. Rupert Van Wyk, 2011 Discuss how time passes, what changes and what stays the same

Mae Chevrette, "Ramona," 6"x 8" mixed media on paper

Mae Chevrette, "Ramona," mixed media on paper; try printing NYC scapes over blocked colors on print paper

Robert Rauschenberg || Overdrive || 1963 || Paper and paint

"Overdrive" 1963 By Robert Rauschenberg. Robert Rauschenberg (October 1925 - May was an incredibly influential Am.

Jess Douglas Illustration | Urban Street Art | People & Portraits | Cars, Rally & Formula One

Jess Douglas is currently based in Lyme Regis, but grew up on party island Ibiza. Jess mainly creates drawings from life, with a splash of personal style thrown into the mix.