Based in Jacksonville, FL, United States, Brandon Kidwell studied English/Philosophy and worked in Corporate Finance with an artistic outlet of beautiful double exposure photography.

the use of perspective inside the head is really striking. i also like the second one a lot because it seems like the hand is reaching for the person inside it


These are a series of collage/illustrations by Argentinian artist/graphic designer Laura Guarie. I find a lot of inspiration from the combination of the female heads and the thin sharp geometric lines.

Andreas Schimanski

ZEVS, the French street artist whose street art and graffiti “distorts the logos” of corporate brands by Ulrica — Designspiration

These two paintings have paint smeared across them using the flat edge of a piece of card, with a MacDonald’s fries packet featuring prominently in the background.

A Level Art Project: Obesity & Junk Food 98%

This outstanding A Level Art project Painting Coursework) gained Exploring a theme of junk food and obesity.

#Graphic Depictions Of Our Society’s Obsession With #Food #BigMac #FastFood #Art #HeartAttack #McDonalds

Graphic Depictions Of Our Society's Obsession With Food

Gluttonous Glamor Shots  The Polish Cuisine K MAG Editorial is Over-Indulgent #editorial #glamor

Gluttonous Glamor Shots

Landschaft - H.R. Giger

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