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For the love of floral. Embroidery by Jose Ignacio Romussi Murphy. - *Dressed Take this coupon and travels to the José Ignacio, Uruguay.

"Circus", mixed media on canvas, 24"x48", Jill Ricci

"Circus", mixed media on canvas, Jill Ricci I like the patterns on this

*Sewnnews, AMAZING!!! Embroidered New York Times Photos by Lauren DiCioccio -

Sewnnews, Embroidered New York Times Photos by Lauren DiCioccio

Map and Celestial Star Chart Portraits by Ed Fairburn

WHY: I like the way the top one uses the lines of the map to create tone and how the others use circles to add interesting tone. This is similar to my chosen artist Akumu Kurai.

We’ve been seeing a lot of embroidered art as of late but I must say that so far, I’ve been most impressed by Singaporean artist Izziyana Suhaimi‘s work. I can’t get over how skillfully she is able to incorporate ornate embroidery techniques with her own pencil drawings and watercolors, pushing the boundaries of traditional and popular culture. Simply beautiful.

Izziyana Suhaimi

I am so impressed by Singaporean artist Izziyana Suhaimi‘s work. She merges embroidery techniques into her own pencil drawings and watercolors, blurring an absolutely beautiful line between skille.

Matthew Cusick.. I love his map art. I teach an art project to high school students using maps and painting over them, inspired by his work.

Matthew Cusick

Bonnie, 2004 Inlaid maps on panel 42 x 60 inches by Matthew Cusick Stunning. Great inspiration for my next collage, I have just the photo to recreate :)

Artist Ed Fairburn has recently come out with new works that live somewhere between sculptures and drawings. Hes still using traditional ink to draw on maps but now hes cutting and layering maps to create incredibly intriguing works.

Incredible New Portraits Carved from Old Military Maps

Saatchi Art Artist Ed Fairburn; Drawing, "Western Front Cutout (Part II)"

Ed Fairbanks

Portraits Illustrated on Various Maps by Ed Fairbanks

Ed Fairburn: Ink on a reproduced military map of the Western Front; a continuation of map-based portraiture.

All Over the Map.  Spanish artist Fernando Vicente painted on map sheets to compose this elegant series entitled “Atlas.”

"Atlas", a series of paintings of the Spanish artist Fernando Vicente using old maps as canvas. A series that recalls the map paintings of Ingrid Dabringer.

Portraits on Maps by Ed Fairburn

Ink on a Miles Around’ map of Bournemouth — Portraits Drawn on Maps series by Ed Fairburn