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The master bedroom eschews drama. Wall-to-wall carpet, along with bed linens that Hoppen designed, is in a soothingly neutral palette. Framed artwork extends the bed’s headboard, which Hoppen sited low, at the same height as the windowsills.

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Kelly Hoppen Collaborates with Steve Leung to create residences in Shenzhen

Kelly Hoppen MBE has joined hands with Steve Leung in designing four stylish apartments at One Shenzhen Bay

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A luxury swiss chalet designed by Kelly Hoppen

Furniture made from encased wood is a brilliant way to showcase natural textures and adapt and modernise them for the home xx

Kelly Hoppen Couture seamlessly blends her natural balance and timeless style to your brief creating a sanctuary that is all about you.

In this bathroom design, Kelly Hoppen decided to add a touch of glamour and improve the luxury interior design of the space with a gold screen with art deco inspiration. ➤To see more Luxury Bathroom ideas visit us at www.

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Feeling Bookish: Kelly Hoppen Authors the Definitive Interior Design Companion...

Kelly Hoppen Couture - Kelly Hoppen Interiors

Kelly Hoppen is one of greatest interior design inspirations of all times. We have selected 10 Kelly Hoppen Interior Design Ideas to inspire you, enjoy!

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Kelly Hoppen assina Chalé na Suíça

marble shelves with elegant under light Swiss Chalet by Kelly Hoppen - Tempo da Delicadeza