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I have added 19 images from Jean-Michel Basquiat to SCAD's Digital Image Database. These are available to the SCAD community with your MySCAD log-in. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tabac, acrylic and oil on canvas, 219 x 173 cm, private collection

skeletons in the closet

to have skeletons in the Closet = to have a hidden and shocking secret cool drawing halloween art print

"Die Brücke (The Bridge) was a group of German expressionist artists formed in Dresden in 1905, after which the Brücke Museum in Berlin was named. Founding members were Fritz Bleyl, Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. Later members were Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein and Otto Mueller. The seminal group had a major impact on the evolution of modern art in the 20th century and the creation of expressionism." - Wikipedia ~Via kissinia bluebirdie

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Ausstellungsplakat der Galerie Arnold in Dresden, 1910

Head - Jean-Michel Basquiat - Prints - Original Prints

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William Blake William Blake is famous for his “illuminated” books, many of which…

10 Literary Authors Who Illustrated Their Own Work

William Blake, etching/watercolour, “Ancient of Days” is from his 1794 prophetic book Europe a Prophecy.

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Schmidt-Rottluff, Karl, (1884-1976), Still Life with Yellow Tulips, 1912

Die Brücke - Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Still Life with Yellow Tulips, 1912

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Anybody Speaking Words, 1982, mixed technique

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Underground Art - Urban Art - 1981 - Neo-Expressionism - Anybody Speaking Words, 1982

Keith Haring

Keith Haring - Untitled, 1983 Vinyl Ink on Vinyl Tarpaulin 72 x 72 inches 183 x 183 cm