Deborah Pendell Photographic Artist

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a white table with a blue chair and a framed poster on the wall above it
India- India Elephant 1949
India 1949 Blue Elephant Art
a living room with white couches and a blue stamp on the wall above it
Deborah Pendell on Instagram: "Here's France Marianne 1990 (Denim). Another fave from my Stamp Collection. Limited edition giclee prints. Link in bio or DM for info. #marianne #mariannestamp #parisart #france #frenchart #@artcanorg #artcanorg #postagestamp #vintagestamp #stampcollection #frenchwallart #frenchinteriors #frenchstyle #francais #français #française #femaleportrait #womanportrait #popart #femaleicon"
a living room with a blue couch and a red poster on the wall above it
South Africa - Orange Tree 1938
Stamp Collection Art-South Africa Postage Stamp Art- Postage Stamp Art
a pink chair sitting in front of a white wall next to a painting on the wall
Luxembourg- Luxembourg Gare 1948
Luxembourg Grand Duchess 1948 Art
a vase with flowers in it sitting next to a wall mounted art piece that says love
First Love Stamp
Stamp Collection Art- Pink Love Postage Stamp- Contemporary Valentine Gift
a large pile of papers stacked on top of each other in different colors and sizes
Vinyl Record 1980s Art Print- Music Fine Art Print- Music Lover Gift- Eighties Music Gift - Limited Edition of 15
a record player sitting on top of a wooden dresser next to a painting hanging above it
Vinyl Record Art- 1980s Music- Eighties Music Art- Fine Art Print- Edition of 15- 70s & 80s Music-Albums
a living room with white walls and black and white rugs on the floor next to a couch
Eighties Music Gift- Vinyl Record Art- Vinyl Record 1980s Collection Limited Edition Fine Art Print- Edition of 15
a bird flying in front of a heart shaped painting on a blue wall with pink and green colors
Eros Statue Art Print with Graffiti- Famous London Fine Art Contemporary Limited Edition
a framed photograph of a lion on a gray wall next to a purple and blue background
Trafalgar Square Lion Art Graffiti Print- London Contemporary Limited Edition Print with Graffiti
an art print of the capital building in washington, d c on a white wall
St Paul's Cathedral London Wall Art Print in Orange with Graffiti-Limited Edition
a person riding a skateboard in front of a painting
Love Graffiti Limited Edition Print
a green couch sitting in front of a painting on the wall next to a black and white rug
Groovy Baby-Graffiti Limited Edition Print