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some drawings are laying on top of each other
Geometric Beasts Series by kerbyrosanes on DeviantArt
Manila-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes known as Sketchy Stories has created a new series of sketches combing animals with geometric forms.
a painting of a whale with a boat in the water on it's back
Whale Painting Watercolor Painting Whale Print Whale and - Etsy
Watercolor Whale Painting Print titled par TheColorfulCatStudio
a watercolor painting of a blue whale
Unique Gift Ideas | Personalised Gifts | Hardtofind
an artistic painting of a bird with black and white paint on it's face
This item is unavailable | Etsy
a woman floating on top of a boat in the ocean next to a large whale
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Graphic novel, well control of colour to show the mood, it is a scene, you know something happened and something will happen, use pen/fine liner to get the outline and the details of an object
a dolphin jumping out of the water at sunset
Sunset leap
an artistic drawing of a whale in the water
Quee-Queg, or Happy Birthday Mom | K-Fai Steele
a painting of a man riding a dolphin with a speech bubble above it's head
25 Beautiful Grunge Art works by Lora Zombie - Psychedelic Watercolor Paintings
25 Beautiful Grunge Art works by Lora Zombie - Psychedelic Paintings. Follow us
a painting of a man riding a wave on his surfboard in the ocean with words above him
two pictures with different types of animals in the ocean and one has an image of a whale
Whale Lesson, Draw-Write-Now 4 - Draw Your World - Draw & Write Together
How to draw a blue whale. I did this, and it worked! If I can do it, anyone can! I didn't click through - I just used what I could see in the pin.
a drawing of a woman's face with blue and green hair
Print Paula Bonet - Llorar mares y que se te queden dentro
"A veces lloramos tantas lágrimas que en ellas podrían nadar ballenas." Llorar mares y que se te queden dentro, ilustración de Paula Bonet
three dolphins are shown in this watercolor painting on paper, one is blue and the other is white
Dancing Whales Art Print
an art print with different types of dolphins
an orca whale is depicted in this illustration from the book, whales and other animals
Scientific Illustration: Photo
Orchanical Apparition Ink and digital color. 11×17″ -