Created by my hubbie for Valentine's day x

Created by my hubbie for Valentine's day x

Love this Valentines (or any day) idea!  Make little fabric hearts and hide them all around the house!  Each time one is found it will remind your spouse or child they are loved!  Gift a mason jar to store the found hearts.

Mason Jar of Hearts Hide a bunch of hearts throughout the house and have your hubby find them. When he does tell him to remember how much you love him and place them in the jar. Remember to hide the hearts in lots of random places!

Heart Shaped Pom Poms Instructions -  Wind yarn around arches.     Cut the yarn.     Tie with string.     Trim to heart shape.     detailed instructions enclosed in package

Heart Shaped Pom Poms made with the Clover Heart-Shaped Pom-Pom Maker Sinon : faire un pompom et le tailler en heart