photo such as this with both participants looking up and away from each each other - different continents but longing ?

Like how elements have been added to enhance the centre image. Could add fantastical elements to change the meaning of the original image.

Anselm Kiefer's Korridor. Werke von ihm sind in unserer nächsten Ausstellung zu…

Anselm Kiefer ‘Urd Werdande Skuld (The Norns)’ 1983 Oil, shellac, emulsion and fibre on canvas 4205 x 2805 x 60 mm

St Paul's Cathedral - Edward Bawden

Some images from Edward Bawden’s London a book recieved this week at Special Collections St Paul’s Cathedral, linocut 1966

David Hepher - crumbling tower blocks

David Hepher - crumbling tower blocks I love the layered sense about the graffiti in this piece- very original and modern. I like how the piece is on a wall- mixed media is interesting and original.

Limited Edition Prints by Edward Bawden

Edward Bawden : Covent Garden Flower Market - Lithograph Coloured lithograph from Lino. Part of Six of the London Markets Set.