I love how his face is created using simple brush strokes. It's very simple, yet the lines all work together to make a very complex image.

Flaws in your Character

Lucian Freud - Double Portrait - 1985-86  RIP 20.07.2011 with such a vast body of work it's hard to have a favourite. he was a master to rival the greatest.

Double Portrait by Lucian Freud, The girl here is Freud's daughter and one of their Whippets. I have a large framed copy of this. LOVE it. The Whippet looks just like one I had in the late too.

Architectural sketches

Elwira Pawlikowska is a watercolour artist from Poland. In 2010 she graduated from Faculty of Architecture and now she’s focused on illustration and graphic design.

Sally Mann. So much emotion here. Makes me wonder what was going through her mind as she took this picture. I like pictures that produce thought.

Two Sally Mann photographs: Candy Cigarette and Holding Virginia . Sally Mann is still alive actually- she was born in the early .

alice neel | Alice Neel: Painted Truths at the Whitechapel Gallery

Alice Neel: Painted Truths at the Whitechapel Gallery

Alice Neel: Painted Truths (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston): Barry Walker, Jeremy Lewison, Robert Storr, Tamar Garb

✽   john piper - 'huish episcopi (somerset)  -   1950s  -   ink, watercolour and gouache

'Huish Episcopi (Somerset)' by John Piper, 1950 (ink, watercolour and gouache)

sally mann

Sally Mann

American Photographer, Sally Mann, is know as one of America's best. Unique and startlingly honest portraits of her children in black and white photography.

Edvard Munch, The Sick Child, 1896. The second painting was completed while the artist was living in Paris, Konstmuseet, Gothenburg.

The sick child - Edvard Munch - van Gogh museum Amsterdam 2015 11 05

Edvard Munch, lithograph

Edvard Munch Gallery > Lithographs > The Sick Child