art by Tim Parker

Figure Art Painting - Artist Tim Parker "Halfway There" Abstract Figurative Artwork Print

Valerie Hegarty’s Paintings and Installations Literally Drip out of Their Frames | Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design

bhsutton: Another stunner from Valerie Hegarty’s new show at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, Figure, Flowers, Fruit (through October “Flower Frenzy”

Apache Promise by LuAnn.Ostergaard, via Flickr

Apache Promise by LuAnn.Ostergaard, looks like rust? could create this for my final?

Textile Design by Tamar Branitzky

tamar branitzky-Natural papers combined with cotton fabrics and create a new surface full of textile actions: dying, printing, sawing, stitching, tearing and burning out. The flexibility and delicacy of papers versus the durability of fabrics

Amy Eisenfeld Genser "Waterfall" paper and acrylic on canvas

Amy Eisenfeld Genser "Waterfall" paper and acrylic on canvas. Love the "feel" of this work, abstract, texture, color

"The Key", mixed media.

Pencilism, Human Sculptures Made out of pencils by Miami based artist Federico Uribe from Bogota, Columbia. These insane pencil sculptures are made from zip ties and pencils!