Deeply trapped in your own world. to me I feel like this photo represents the idea of who someone wants to become. I like the black and white of this photo, and how the persons photo compressed.

For me isolation of insomnia. You are deeply in your own world. Martha Graham, Lamentation This would look great in a music video

Beauty. it’s what’s inside that counts. Skull

Skull like the idea of layering drawings over image

Anatomy & Physiology Y11

Combing studies onto larger sheets

where your face used to be

Take a mug shot style photo. Rip out the eyes rip out the mouth rip it in half shred it into as many pieces as possible and collage them do the thing in the pin out the face and stick it back upside down

the muscles of the human face~ :o

40 Absolutely Outrageous Face Tattoos That'll Make You Shake Your Head

Awesome Face Tattoo Design for Men and Women

“Hiding,” fiberglass, gypsum, paint and shoes, 86″ x 50″ x 12″, 2011 by Daniel Arsham.    I don't know why I like this so much, it is sort of creepy.

Daniel Arsham Exhibit at OHWOW

“Hiding” by Daniel Arsham \\\ fiberglass, gypsum, paint and shoes, 2011 Read.

Anatomy & Physiology Y11

Anatomy & Physiology Y11

photographer - patrick hickley

Art idea stitch stereotypes over photos? Complex Structures - Patrick Hickley Hand printed cyanotypes on watercolour paper, with thread hand stitched over top.

Skeleton  Art Print by Kit King, a wonderful artist I follow on Instagram

Skeleton Art Print by Kit King

Chester Chien: 10 mins Anatomy Study via

Chester Chien: 10 mins Anatomy Study - thinking lines and contour lines discover and describe the form

Generative Illustrations of the Human Form by Janusz Jurek

Generative Illustrations of the Human Form by Janusz Jurek (Colossal)

culturenlifestyle: “ Generative Artwork by Janusz Jurek Polish designer and illustration Janusz Jurek explores the different shapes of generative illustration through the human body. Generative art is.

Shockingly Awesome Self Portrait Photography by Luca Pierro. In 2009 he won second prize in the photography competition held by Ichnusa on Sardinia. In 2010 he won first prize at MostraMi in Milan. He currently lives and works in Cagliari.

Are you an artist? Are you looking for one? Find a business OPPORTUNITY as an artist!!! Join b-uncut, the Art  (Fred Hatt - Angular Curves)

Fred Hatt, drawing with energy - Figurative Artist aquarelle crayon on paper

the best figure drawing books                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Drawing Basics: The Best Drawing Art Books

Plate XVIII, Study Illustrating Method of Drawing. From The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed/free e-book

Viscera I by Aetere on deviantART                                                                                                                                                     More

(Artist yn cyfleu gweadau dwys i Ffion Mathias) Mabrelle- "Viscera I"

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Man Ray, Lee Miller’ s Neck (from the series Anatomy), 1929