Choose one or the other. Never both. Ingenious design. Sometimes the simplest ads are the most powerful. This is a great example of a simple message but no flashy visual.

SIMPLE 30 Advertisement Design Tips That Turn Heads: Brilliant Case Studies – Design School

INFERENCE PICTURES~ These ads are amazing! A lot of them (Not all are appropriate) could be used with students when working with inference. This ad is for a sugar-free lollipop.

Sugar free Chupa Chups Great ad- completely solved it with a visual and a tagline. It's so simple but really clever. This is the type of thing that I'd like to make. There's a ton of other great ads in this article, definitely worth checking out.

Creative use of advertising to leave a lasting impression! #creative #OOH #lastingimpression

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This is a poster for a hand sanitizer awareness campaign. Again this poster had a very serious message with it that is used to shock and get a reaction from people. The thing that I am most interested in is how creative they have been with the thought of this poster, they have taken something from ordinary day life and presented it in a way that will interest the audience.

"Whose hand are you holding"?An awesome print execution for Dettol hand sanitizer that focuses on the gross factor.

Fstoppers Talking Food Gary W Martin 8 Pop Culture Food Pun Photos You Never Knew Eggsisted

Fstoppers Talking Food Gary W Martin 8 Pop Culture Food Pun Photos You Never Knew food Food

GMO OMG trailer - info on genetically modified systems "short term production for long term unsustainability"

"Check Out ‘GMO OMG’ a Film on Genetic Engineering" Jeremy Seifert’s new documentary film “GMO OMG” provides a solid introduction to those new to the issues surrounding genetically modified food. Learn more about this insightful film, here: Is your sta